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Development and deployment of new strategies of national health systems in different countries requires a platform for analysis of current situation, description of recent achievements and novel ideas. Our journal represents a platform for this kind of scientific debate and bridges language separation by way of publication of all articles in English. Some of the most important articles published originally in Russian will come out translated as well.

Health and Social Care Journal is a peer-reviewed journal which is published three times a year and presents the latest results from leading researchers from Russia and worldwide in the field of public health.

Journal distributed in many countries mainly in Europe and Asia as well in Northern America. All articles are also placed in open access on the web-site.

The magazine is a non-commercial project. Placement of promotional articles or any papers entailing a commercial interest is fully unacceptable. Graphic advertising can be placed in the relevant sections of the magazine and website and it does not affect the editorial policy.
The journal employs paperless, electronic review process to enable a fast and speedy introduction and dissemination of innovative quality, statistics and related ideas in a wide-range of fields.

The subject areas covered by the journal include but are not limited to:
Health policy and organization
Health economics
Quality improvement research
Applied health IT
Comparative delivery innovation
Social hygiene
Mental health


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