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HSCJ magazine N 2 (7), 2018     Issue N 1, 2018

Public control in the regions for the activities of executive and municipal authorities in the sphere of health care

Real practice of the primary health care

Mother and childhood in the penitentiary system: manifestation of care or violence?

Inclusion in the contract with the patient of the condition on the contractual judgment of the dispute: destruction of the rights of the consumer or the freedom of the contract?

Management of the system for the rendering of medical care for a patient with acute disorders of the brain circulation in Moscow and the Moscow region

About the organization of internal control of observance of the restrictions imposed by the law on the medical worker and the head of the medical organization and prevention of the conflict of interests at implementation of medical activity

HSCJ magazine N 1 (6), 2018     Issue N 1, 2018

Implementing advanced organization technologies in project management of clusters in the healthcare and medical industry by means of the Kohonen neural network

The problem of the formation of personal security and the ways to solve it in education

The safety of patients in the provision of medical care for decorative (corrective) surgery: the Order No. 298n

New requirements for the carrying out of activities in the position of plastic suregeons

On the state of health of newborns according to statistical reports for 2015-2016

HSCJ magazine N 2 (5), 2017     Issue N 2, 2017

On the admission of workers to certain types of medical activity without mandatory psychiatric examination

Analysis of regulatory and legal aspects of pharmacy manufacturing of medicines

The problems of collecting and using departmental statistics in the field of health

To the question of the use of medical terminology in everyday speech and the media (on the example of Germany)

Health of women-mothers according to statistical reports 2015-2016

HSCJ magazine N 1 (4), 2017     Issue N 1, 2017
dedicated to the Roszdravnadzor conference (Moscow, 2017)

Quality management of health care for patients with acute coronary syndrome on the results of expert activity

About the practice of application by lawyers of laws on case of compensation for human rights while providing medical assistance of non-relating quality

Internet-representation of the medical service provider: transformation of concepts and practices

Actual representation on health of teachers of higher educational institutions

Conflict of interests in violations of citizens' rights in the healthcare field

Medical assistance ot children with congenital hereditary diseases, genetic defects, orfan and other rare diseases in Moscow

Modern aspects of development of the legislative and normative legal framework of the process of the realization of pharmaconadzor in the Russian Federation

Ranking of medical organizations by applying a risk-oriented approach to them and classifying them as hazard categories and categories of risk: the marketing approach of the legislator to protecting the rights of the patient or the definition of bona fide subjects of the market of medical organizations?

HSCJ magazine N 2 (3), 2016     Issue N 2, 2016

Prospects of cluster initiatives in Russia and the worldwide in development and implementation of high-tech medical equipment

The possibilities of specialized medical care and multidisciplinary approach in pediatric practice of the public health care in Moscow

Problematic aspects, prospects of development and the complex of measures on modernization op public health of the Russian Federation

Special aspects of the drug manufacturing in the medical organizations' compounding pharmacies within the legislation in effect of the Russian Federation

Policy of the accounting and analysis of the causes of maternal and infant mortality in the Russian Federation

HSCJ magazine N 1 (2), 2016     Issue N 1, 2016

Access to health care in health systems and policy in central Asia: a case of gender

New approaches in the assessment of physical development of students

Formation of legal relations in health services of Russia, the USSR and Russian Federation

Assessing the contribution of diabetes in the cost of medical services financed by insurance companies

The model of social support of students with disabilities in terms of inclusion

HSCJ magazine N 1 (1), 2015     Issue N 1, 2015
dedicated to the third annual conference "Development of the health care system at the modern stage" (Murmansk, 2015)

On the implementation of the Federal pilot project on continuous postgraduate medical education

On some questions of defenitions "Medical Product" and it's mandatory registration

Maternity obstetric service indicators in Russia in 2006-2013 years

Legal aspects of the usage of pharmaceutical substances in preparation of drugs in pharmacies

The evalution criteria and rating clinical departments of Bayandin State Clinical Hospital

Features of health care financing in the Russian Federation

Newborns handling: Federal and local legislation in Moscow

Comparision of methods for evaluating the performance of medical institutions subordinated to the Government of Moscow and the Russian Academy of Sciences

Standards and discrepancies in the provision of paid medical services

Basics of the treatment of medical products

Administrative regulations of inspections of State control quality and safety of medical activity

The abortion problem in Russia in 2008-2013 years

Formation of legal relations in the Russian health care